trackr.sh focusses on two main features: a bookmarking service and an ATOM/RSS feed reader.

Bookmarking service

Store your bookmarks in trackr.sh and never loose track of those great links. You can categorize your bookmarks using tags to quickly find the links you need. Our archiving feature allows you to store a copy of the bookmarked link so you never loose access to the content you need.

add new bookmark

Adding a new bookmark to track.sh is just as simple as you can image. You can also use our Mozilla Firefox extension or our javascript bookmarklet.

add new bookmark to trackr.sh

ATOM/RSS Feed reader

Follow your favourite feeds using trackr.sh. We offer distraction free reading using our reader mode that allows you to focus on the text content of an article and not the visual noise websites tend to include in their design.


Follow your favourite ATOM/RSS feeds using trackr.sh. We present your feed items in an easy to read list.

Read your favourite ATOM/RSS feeds in trackr.sh
reader mode

Reader mode strips away the styling, images and other visual elements from a page and offers you a clean, readable experience view of the article you're viewing.

reader mode in trackr.sh

Blazing fast with minimal design

trackr.sh features a minimalistic design that is fast, clean and without any visual clutter. Our goal is to get you to the content you need without getting in your way.

Detailed feature walkthrough

Archived bookmarks

We will store an archived copy of the links you bookmark. That way you never loose the resources you want to keep track of when a site goes offline or is removed.

archived bookmarks

After trackr.sh finishes archiving a bookmark, you can access the archived version using the archived link below the bookmark.

archived version of a bookmark in trackr.sh

Import your liked tweets

If you want to bookmark your liked tweets you can add your twitter username to your profile. We will periodically get your liked tweets and store them in your trackr.sh account under the Liked Tweets tag.

Other features

That one great feature you're missing...

We want to make trackr.sh the best bookmarking site out there. If you have an idea for a killer feature that we're missing, please get in touch and help us build a better service!